Celebrating Earth Day with Sustainable Hemp

April 22, 2024  •  Hemp

Exploring Sustainable Hemp for Earth Day - Planet Earth in space with hemp growing as tall as space

As we celebrate Earth Day, today the perfect opportunity to highlight the role of one of our planet’s oldest and most sustainable crops: hemp. This incredible plant is not only beneficial for the environment but also enhances our health and wellness through its naturally occurring compounds, such as CBD.

Let’s explore the historical significance of hemp, its role in modern sustainable agriculture, and how choosing hemp products like those from Jammin Canna, which uses US-grown hemp, supports local economies and reduces our carbon footprint.

Hemp Through the Ages

Hemp’s utility as a sustainable resource stretches back thousands of years, with ancient civilizations recognizing its durability for making textiles, paper, and medicinal products. In America, hemp was essential to early settlers and revered enough that colonies like Virginia  where it was once very common to cultivate it. Historical figures such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson cultivated hemp, understanding its usefulness as a sustainable crop.

Hemp was used at Mount Vernon for rope, thread for sewing sacks, canvas, and for repairing the seine nets used at the fisheries. Washington’s diaries and farm reports indicate that hemp grew at all five farms which made up Mount Vernon.

Source: The Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association – MountVernon.org

Hemp’s Modern Comeback

In contemporary times, hemp is undergoing a resurgence, valued for its minimal environmental impact and its versatility. Hemp is an eco-friendly crop that requires significantly less water than cotton, does not depend on chemical pesticides or fertilizers, which can pollute waterways, and  it is capable of thriving in a variety of climates and soils. Hemp has a high yield per acre and it is a potent carbon sink, absorbing more CO2 per hectare than most forests, making it an excellent ally against climate change.

Additionally, every part of the plant is usable, which minimizes waste—roots, seeds, leaves, and stalks are all utilized for products ranging from CBD oil and protein powders to eco-friendly building materials and biodegradable plastics.

Hemp for Health and Wellness

Beyond environmental benefits, hemp contributes to our health through its naturally produced phytocannabinoids such as CBD. Hemp-derived CBD is renowned for its ability to alleviate pain, decrease anxiety, decrease inflammation, improve sleep, and promote relaxation—all without the addictive properties of traditional painkillers. At Jammin Canna, we take pride in using hemp grown right here in the USA, supporting local farmers and ensuring a smaller carbon footprint with every product made.

Supporting Sustainable Practices

Choosing hemp-derived products made in the USA to supplement your wellness routine means more than just personal health benefits; it signifies a commitment to sustainable practices. Our decision to source locally-grown hemp reinforces our support for American agriculture and contributes to reducing logistical carbon emissions, aligning with our Earth Day goals of promoting environmental responsibility. Let’s continue to make informed choices about the products we use, understanding their impact on our planet and our bodies!