Exploring 2023’s CBD Revolution: Breakthroughs and How They’re Changing Lives

December 31, 2023  •  CBD, Hemp

Recent CBD Scientific Breakthroughs - Cannabis and hemp news

Today marks the last day of 2023, a very eventful year in the world as well as in the domain of hemp and CBD research. We’d like to take a moment to look back at all that’s been happening this past year as it becomes obvious that the realm of Cannabidiol (CBD) has witnessed substantial scientific progress, reshaping its application and perception in the health and wellness sectors.

At Jammin Canna, a Texas-based CBD company, we’re particularly interested in staying up to date with these advancements, understanding their profound impact on consumer health choices. These breakthroughs also inspire us to develop new pioneering solutions for pain management and anxiety relief using nature’s precious gift; hemp!

Here are some of the top news that changed the hemp and CBD landscape in 2023…

Scientific Breakthroughs in CBD Research

This year has been marked by significant research milestones in CBD’s potential health benefits. Studies have revealed CBD’s role in mitigating opioid cravings and enhancing the efficacy of opioid addiction treatments. It’s been found that CBD was associated with a significant decrease in cue-induced craving, as well as reduced attentional bias toward drug-related cues. In other words, this study suggests that CBD could help reduce relapses. This development is critical, given the widespread impact of the opioid crisis. More studies and clinical trials are currently underway to harness the power of CBD to alleviate addiction.

There was also a study conducted in 2023 that looked into CBD dosage guidelines for the first time. This marks a significant shift from relying on dosage approximations to making science and health-informed decisions, especially as CBD becomes a key supplement for millions of consumers in the United States.

A shocking study in 2023 found that hemp extract may aid in hair regrowth for people suffering from pattern baldness. The study, which observed patients over a 6-month period, reported an average of 246% hair regrowth, with some patients achieving up to 2000% hair regrowth. These results not only outperformed the use of CBD alone but also outperformed oral finasteride and 5% minoxidil foam, the two main medical treatments for alopecia.

The Mainstreaming of CBD: A Gateway to Broader Accessibility

The transition of CBD into the mainstream realm is a significant development. As of 2023, CBD is either conditionally legal or fully legal in all 50 states. As CBD gains broader acceptance, it becomes more accessible to individuals seeking natural remedies for pain, anxiety, stress, and sleep-related issues. Notably, seniors are one of the fastest growing populations of cannabis users in the US, and more older adults every year turn to cannabis to find relief whenever traditional medicine has not been able to provide sought after relief.

But the support for cannabis goes even further than just hemp and CBD: According to a Gallup poll, 70% of US adults now favor the legalization of marijuana, hemp’s THC-filled sister. For context, in 1969, only 12% of Americans were in favor when asked the same question. Times are definitely changing…

Looking Ahead

As we look towards the future, the trajectory of CBD is one of promising potential and expanding horizons. The advancements in 2023 have set a precedent for CBD’s role in health and wellness, elevating it from a niche alternative to a significant player in the health supplement market.

At Jammin Canna, we remain committed to being at the forefront of this revolution, ensuring our consumers have access to the highest quality CBD products for their health and wellbeing needs. Our dedication to research and development is unwavering, as we continually seek innovative ways to enhance our offerings for holistic health. Our ethos, Hemp for Health™, reflects our commitment to harnessing CBD’s potential for improving lives.


Let us know see what the new year brings. Happy New Year!