CBD Chocolate Hearts


Discover the perfect fusion of indulgence and wellbeing with our Chocolate Hearts CBD edibles, available in CBD-only and CBD + Delta-9 options.

Elevate your relaxation and wellness journey with our Chocolate Hearts CBD edibles. Each package contains four delightful heart-shaped chocolates, available in two options: CBD only or CBD + Delta-9. Enjoy the exquisite taste of chocolate while unlocking the benefits of relaxation and pain relief. With a single heart for CBD or a quarter-heart for D9+CBD (recommended serving size), these delectable treats offer a delicious way to enhance your wellbeing.

  • 100% Made in Texas
  • Ingredients: Sugar, Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Processed w/ Alkali, Soy Lecithin, Whey Powder, Vanilla Flavor. [Contains soy and milk].
    • CBD Option Only: CBD Isolate (50mg per piece).
    • D9 + CBD Option: Delta-9 / CBD Distillate (D9: 7.5mg per ¼ piece / CBD: 15mg per ¼ piece)
  • Net Wt: 1.75 oz (50g)

Certification of Analysis – Chocolate Hearts CBD – Download PDF
Certification of Analysis – Chocolate Hearts D9 + CBD – Download PDF


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